To fast or not to fast? Healthy or trendy?


I’m sitting here in my warrior pose, trying to observe my breath while most of the people around me look like they’ve just landed naturally into place…in this perfectly aligned yoga pose while I, instead, struggle with this letting go concept, emptying my mind and just breathe.

How is it that people make such progress in order to look like dedicated professional yoga experts?

It all comes with time.

And that relates to everything we do. I see the people I work with and who start new projects, most of them tend to aim for a high goal, which is perfect in essence, yet what is not totally right is setting yourself a high goal within a short time scale.

Because it only puts pressure on you and instead of focusing on the job you’re doing, you’ve just switched your focus on results.

That is in most cases a recipe for failure and exhaustion.

Our functions are stimulated by the results we produce, each one of them fueling the next action and step and so on. We have developed a way of being based on results so it is hard to not pay attention to them and focus on the task we have at hand.

So shifting your attention away from focusing on results and instead onto focusing on progress can be a challenge yet it’s the best thing you can do when on a new project.

And sometimes what is most meaningful is the road we take to a destination, the situations we encounter on the way there and how that can impact our development, gradually, enriching our character with features we didn’t know we have.

Therefore, gathering all my experience I have gained so far I will start applying it tomorrow when I start my first 21 days fasting program.

Last year I did 10 days juicing detox challenge yet this year I want to freaking really kick it off with a challenging program and a completely new way of feeding myself.

I have had lots of surgeries and medical problems during my last 10 years and my diet has changed frequently yet this year I want to follow my own intuition and stick to what my body tells me what’s healthy for it. Listen more to my own intelligence and less to the traditional medical care. Because health comes first, always and I want to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have met people in Bali that have done it already, with all the process being documented and supervised, periodical blood tests  and final overall results that concluded in reaching  hormonal balance, health gain, weight loss, constant activity, low stress levels  and overall happiness increased.

I know its Finnish yet this process is all here for people who understand it. My friend told me about it in English. 🙂


So tomorrow I will start my challenge and will keep you updated.

First three days I will only drink water and a vegetable juice – NO COFFEE OR FOOD. 🙂 That will be gruelling work as I loooove coffee.

It is recommended to start without any sugar and coffee because your toxins need to leave your body and coffee tends to retain them inside.

Then I will go for small fruits or vegetable portion for breakfast, black coffee  and just lemon water. From time to time I want to add a vegetable juice.

Stay tuned!


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