A part of my soul.

I walked on that alley today…You know, the one we walked together. I saw it all. I saw the fear, the sadness, I saw their guilt and shame and I saw resentment. I saw distrust and disrespect, careless feelings and depression. I saw ignorance and I saw blindness.

There was garbage spread all over the grass, litter and plastic in the water while crows were circling above the trees, looking for prey. I saw the lies they tell themselves every day, poisoning their hearts and corrupting their souls. I saw their chains.

I felt it all.

But you know what else I saw?

That light…that little light that fights to find a way out, that light that You gave them. I felt its warmth and I felt Your love in it.

How can something You created be bad and broken?

It is just asleep…it just needs to be awaken. It just needs a little more love, just a little more love.

You promised me something … and I will keep mine.

I believe in it.

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