One last look.


The sky stands before me. Stars are shining around me, slipping through smooth clouds like silver dust. The gigantic planet Zimah is looking back at me with its immense rings and I smile, thinking at the recent adventure I just finished on it. Everything is rotating slowly, releasing something like fine music and a feeling of peace.

I feel…loved.

Delicate lyrics are being weaved into my heart and I now feel it complete. Filled with dance and joy, coloured as a rainbow and travelling through the vast universes.

Everything stays here, I am here. Here I burn and I flow, I lit up and I burn down, I melt and I freeze, I open and I close, I darken and I illuminate before the infinite that fills me still and I am in it. Goes right through me but it doesn’t stay because I contain everything yet everything itself is really nothing.

Here is Love. Untouched, unitary, unseen, felt, undivided.

And it is really my heart! And it is all so beautiful!

Behind me there are small groups, with my family among them. They are all at the party and I can easily feel their joy. Here, the palace is divided into three parts and we are on the terrace. On the right side there are the emerald pools and on my left side the labyrinths. I am wearing a long dress, the colour of Mars and my long hair is braided, slipping over my right shoulder, going down  reaching the floor.

I am looking far ahead…I will miss it.

Liu just brought me a cup. I lift it slowly onto my lips and sip out of it. And I can see everything starting to darken.

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