To live during times of change.

I phoned my mother today. I just wanted to hear her voice. One of my friends called me this evening and we had 30 minutes of girl talk…

I … am grateful for being able to talk with the people in my life. Some of us, people around the world, can’t do it any longer and won’t have that chance again.

It is shocking and consuming every time you receive the news feed  to see another manifestation of mass violence. My own heart dulls with pain at the thought of families broken apart whenever it happens. I can’t imagine what it means as I have never been in the situation they face, I can only say that I wish to offer my unconditional support.

Related to it, the wars humanity is still facing ensured  mass migration that is considered a threat despite the serious matter of despair for the families that once lived in areas now destroyed. Children that lost their parents or even worse, parents whose children were stolen by death…

I read about another president’s statement of “fighting together against terrorism as our only chance”.

Can we “stop fighting” and stop providing countries with munitions or nuclear weapons?

Could we, as human beings, stop killing each other for the sake of greed?

These conflicts are only a threat to our life, the poor, the working class, the middle and some of the newly rich. The top elite are just watching the show while people like you or I get massacred.

Our hope and chance for survival as a species is collaborating, doing our best targeting successful communication with differently oriented nations to allow ourselves the right to learn about one another and provide respect.

If we take history books and open a map we can easily see each country led at least once politics of expansion that turned to war. We killed each other during our history for over 5000 years.

Conflicts will generate more conflicts, it’s a spiral with no ending and civilized countries know this and yet still repeat. 


Have we not had enough of this… vicious cycle?



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