I was sitting there in my quiet hours

Fresh air around me, cliffs and stones were turned into overlooking towers

Had my hair and skin firstly sunk into ice cold fountains

Resting my being in that mighty place over top mountains

I left behind hills, old forests, paths filled with curious eyes

Journeyed all the way there to claim my soul as prize

Immortal gaze and eternal Youth

May my own language be spoken and thoughts known as Truth.


“What are you ready to give away

For that which you bravely seek to obtain?”


Said sharply the stone cold figure, simple and plain

Breaking the tomb like silence as a whipping chain.

My heart not be disturbed now, my sacrifice will not be in vain. 

My sight now down, my body quivers 

Cheeks turn red but skin goes pale with shivers.

I search for my breath, my soft voice gathers to say

Although my thoughts run freely back to that day in May.

There go my words, spread in this cold air

I shall now free my fears, my last doubts in this apparent despair.


“Earthly love, that’s what I shall want no more. 

Be taken away by you now, let none of my cheeks be adore.

My hand not to be held, my mouth not to be kissed

Mortal eyes and promises by my own heart will not be missed. 

I give away profane gazes, my beauty shall not be seen by men.

Hide my innocence, let me keep my love as my own gem. 

The lonely moon will be the one to kiss my lips

Late at night gently unveil my dress with smooth fingertips.”



So were my words left somewhere in time

Heavenly music swayed close to my ears with lyrics sublime.

I suddenly felt young in flesh and a new figure as gain

Then blood renowned ran freely from my left hand up …

…through my heart’s eternal -now  vein.






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