40 de motive sa fii fericit.

  Intr-o dupa amiaza de vineri stateam pe o bancuta din trei scanduri, avand un picior crapat, la porta de beton a unei curti dintr-un sat oltenesc, sprijinindu-ma in maini si dand din picioare ca pentru a face timpul mai vesel. La umbra nucului era racoare si puteam sa admir in voie seninul cerului, sa … Continue reading 40 de motive sa fii fericit.

Waiting for the perfect wind.

In the evening breeze, my hair ruffled Above there's this perfect sky displaying a secret map Mirroring waves swinging my comfortable bed Below there's something different from this world . Eleven hours to departure seems nothing  Consequences of trained patience One of the things I've learnt with time. More or less without direct contact as … Continue reading Waiting for the perfect wind.

Intr-o dupa-amiaza de joi.

    Daca noi doua ne-am plimba acum pe malul lacului, aievea, printre tinere familii si carucioare cu nou nascuti, indragostiti, grupuri de prieteni, vechi cunostinte ce nu s-au mai vazut  demult, copii repeziti in intreceri diverse, noi mergand incet dar ajungand departe, aproape de intalnirea finala cu prezenta eleganta a Doamnei, m-as simti indatorata … Continue reading Intr-o dupa-amiaza de joi.

Creating your authentic journey.

In sunrise awareness imprinting life on paradisiacal beaches My skin colored by blood roaring veins  Dancing barefoot, whirling through frills of  fine silk Seduced by nature's tunes and morning bliss Hair hiding naked elbows from light early kiss Exhausting passion sweeping my days, weeks, months                     … Continue reading Creating your authentic journey.

Cu capul printre nori…

Cand merg prin centrul Bucurestiului imi place sa ma pierd printre cladirile vechi, odata ce ies de la metrou. Ma topesc printre balcoanele cu marginile din fier conturand motive florale, urmele trecutului pe colturile decolorate, tocurile proaspat vopsite ale ferestrelor de la primul etaj, mansardele carpite, scrisul kitch in spray multicolor care nu ma incanta … Continue reading Cu capul printre nori…

With a featherlight heart.

  In the midst of an unending melody, My peaceful soul floats on a sea of possibilities. Suddenly decides to start sailing, courageously  Adventuring in the search of reasons for daily smiles. Commit with me to this journey?, asked enthusiastically  Rapidly articulating the short sounds. Next few moments  Excitement ignited within myself, entangling my heart. … Continue reading With a featherlight heart.

Exploring off the beaten path.

   I have meant to tell  this... from quite a while   Although... probably it's already known or rather read.  My presumptuous style and carefully laid smile  Simple phrases or passionately rhymes on here said  Chaotic words maybe to emphasize and hide?  Afraid of that...one word wandering wild   Refusing to acknowledge that it terrifies most of … Continue reading Exploring off the beaten path.

Iertarea este cadoul pe care si-l face fiecare.

  Una dintre femeile pe care le admir este Susanne Billander. O suedeza care a gasit o modalitate unica de a trai si a avea o relatie, casatorita dar locuind separat de sot (o relatie functionala intr-un mod fericit bazata pe incredere si iubire!). Susanne este un life coach, printre multe altele, dar o profesionista … Continue reading Iertarea este cadoul pe care si-l face fiecare.

Seen as through a glass window.

Messed up hair, freshly out of shower Pulled my dress then grabbed my shades Picked up some of my biscuits, closed my eyes Before stepping out the door. I want to learn about this... This life as I didn't know much before. Maybe I could rediscover Taste of coffee on a Sunday morning Waiting for … Continue reading Seen as through a glass window.