Last night on Earth.

I came to see you as there was nowhere else to go.

I want to share with you my secret,

will you promise to listen and keep it deep inside you

so nobody else would know?

That night… he stole a kiss from my cheek

Then in one swift moment he grasped my waist

I pulled myself back, feet wanting to leave, eyes hiding from his

I couldn’t look up to them mirror my own dazzlement

“Stay!”, he cried  “Ah, stay!”

“One word I have to say…”

He took my hand and softly brushed his sun burned lips, kissed it

“Look at me…just dare to look”.

His face was searching mine, hidden behind red flocks, he tucked two behind my ear

Had been thinking to avoid it at all costs

I knew, I knew what was exalted in that place

But then once again his arm grasped me by my waist

He rose me slowly to his chest

His lips, I swear the sanest lips, vowed on my neck

I lost my breath…could only hear his…

My void lungs were then filled with his air.

He knelled before me …

With the slow movement of time – careful and soft

I saw them looking at me …

That very night – in his own particular fright

A dreamer’s eyes … I fell in love with.




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