Human beings on planet Earth.


I’m a woman. And I simply can’t turn a blind eye to what is happening not only in my country – Romania – yet today’s current situation in the world. I am confronted on a daily basis with limited income, a weak medical state system and impossible high prices in the private sector where the medical service is adequately equipped which, in my humble opinion, should be available to every citizen in the world given the fact we have reached almost the end of 2016. This is an utopic idea really, it seems utopian even for the United Kingdom. Not to mention the United States of America – world’s symbol of democracy that is currently facing a crisis.

I have looked over the news tonight, after spending my Saturday debating all day cultural diplomacy themes and political cases as part of my  Unesco master’s degree. From the news I see a world confronted with violence, patriotism pushed towards nationalism, racism, financial insecurity  in countries that are rated as economic powers and supposedly leading example of the world.

I will soon turn 31. In my country, at this age, women usually prepare themselves to invest time in a future family. They have reached the age when they want to flourish in a safe environment where they can take the next important step in a human being’s life – giving birth to a new life on Earth.

Reading the news tonight I realize that the term “security” is currently not only threatened but unable to be contoured or pronounced in modern countries where the level of a qualitative life is considered good. Countries around the world are not able to provide enough jobs for all their citizens in order for them to raise their families in a healthy and happy environment. If we turn our heads towards Syria we see families not only left without a place to live but a chance to a life!

To continuously promote financial interests at the cost of human life – this is not even humanistic. What are our values?

I am tired of watching television presenting lies and stories meant to distract me from the seriousness of the situation the world is facing at the moment. I am tired of being unsure or uncertain about my future, like many other families and citizens in the world, also many other women in the world that face on a daily basis a treatment unworthy of their status : Citizens with a chance to a peaceful and healthy  life.

An excerpt taken from the Guardian :

“Cynthia Bond

My daughter’s grandmother lives in Yorkshire. Her grandfather in France. I remember thinking as this nightmare of a candidacy began to take shape – as it grew arms and legs and started veering about the country drunkenly, smashing through fences of reason, crushing illusions of equality and basic human behaviour – that in the unlikely event that Clinton didn’t win, that we would move, either to London or Paris, or Canada or … I’d made calls for Clinton’s campaign, and taken my daughter to the voting booth as I punched the circle for Clinton. Then I watched the greatest election tragedy I have seen in my life: numb, in shock, weeping, feeling hopeless.

 When I woke up on Wednesday morning and told my daughter what had happened, she began crying. She asked me if we were going to move. In that moment, I knew. I said, “We’re not going anywhere. This is our home.” When Obama won I felt a new pride in being an American, but now I feel like a patriot, because I know that I will not let anyone push me from my land. I won’t allow bigotry to send me running. I will stay and fight. I will stay and vote in four years. I will exercise my right of free speech. I thought of all of the men and women who had died for my right to vote. My grandfather was born in 1866, three years after the Emancipation Proclamation. I lived through the civil rights movement, was just a kid when the voting rights act was signed. Obama’s victories made me feel an electric, buoyant pride.”


My Danish friend says we should always focus on positive wishes, fear is not natural for a human being. My English friend tells me we should build bridges between nations, not walls. If I ask my Central American friend who is a pilot at one of the world’s leading airline companies what does she feel about the future, as we have discussed in the past, she would say once again freedom of movement, of speech, financial security and trust are basic values for a prosperous world. I want to add to all this respect and acceptance of every person as a human being that has a right to live and evolve harmoniously on this planet.

I love my country and the culture I was raised in. I don’t want to leave my own place or be forced to work in a different country because here the economy is not able to provide a prosperous environment. I am sure it’s the same situation for many persons in the world.

Nobody wants to be forced out of their own house.

I want to dedicate my life to a work I choose with passion, have results, be remunerated for it in order to use my right to travel and see other beautiful countries of this multicultural heaven we live on and we mistreat. I wish to laugh with other people and share our diverse ideas freely. I want accessibility to educational programs, I want to have the ability to use the medical service without concern I won’t be able to pay for it and be treated with care and compassion.

Why are we constantly pointing fingers at one another when all of us (people around the planet) want similar things – peace, safety, financial security, good lives?

Don’t we want to be able to live – study – work – travel – enjoy life – have families – prosper – develop relationships – in a safe environment?

Can we accept each other – different, with our own choices – respect them, collaborate to create a better place for the future generations? Respect each of our culture and progress through the diversities that are meant to stimulate our creativity?

That means each of our governments should take responsibility for the actions they took in the past, evaluate what is to be learnt and decide better today, as the influence of these actions is reflected on us (people of every country) both economic and cultural, and find appropriate solutions for each country’s citizens in order for us, common people, to live as we should be living.

Safe  in our homes,  with our families, with our values, healthy,  friendly  and open to collaborate for a better future.



The Guardian article here :

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