To my surprise


 A presence I could easily detest

Walks me home in a late night, leaving his bed cold. 

An inner state I then didn’t know…or recognize in his eyes… for months.

Counting my lonely steps on the ground of summer,

There were young couples kissing on the road.

Accommodated by sided benches

Hiding their hands under love-sweat t-shirts

Driven by the seductive force of full moonlight.

I took the path through the grove

My way guided by fireflies, right hand lifting away small branches –

Wild roses growing around them, creating the scenery of a secretive event.

Whispers behind me I simply ignored… I couldn’t believe.

A game of cards – to start with it all. 

His figure was a dark shadow leaning against the tree,

I could see his hand on his chin, placed thoughtfully,

In the mist of darkness – under  moon’s intimate light

Perfectly waiting – of a distinctive heartbeat. 


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