Frowning reform.

A fool… all these letters

Blessed in …Liberty.

Liberty to treason? I dare ask   (whispers on the side)

Shall I ignore it? You think it will go away? 

It is not the person… you know that.

It is those mischievous traits that I find horrific.

And that pleads for mercy? (switches place to face her)

Could you live with only that?

Would it still be called …Liberty? (watching out the window)

My dear …(briskly interrupted)

I waited. All through years, hours of midnight.

Long watches when loneliness creeps deep in your bones.

You know that feeling?

Passing nights in the company of strangers

My unhealed wound stabbed deeper.

I saw blood-orange early clocks

Hoping for a new chance…

His bright face,

His eyes depth of nocturnal sea.

His scent could lead me through a labyrinth…

(drawing a knife)

…whilst his coffee is still hot in his hand.  



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