A small door to a dream world.


Do you ever ask yourself how is it possible that some people manage to create things for which time is canceled? And why only some and not everyone is able to do such an extraordinary thing? When I note the details of a painting and observe the style, the way the light is captured then released from a simple paintbrush, reflected on canvas, it is not as you would carefully reproduce a world that is placed in front of your eyes but somehow the artist manages to give birth to a different dimension, one where time doesn’t exist.

Seasons simply appear to create the atmosphere but that doesn’t have any effect on the action itself or feeling of creation, nor the connection between the artist and that work of art. Maybe life episodes, written passages, caught phrases of a stranger’s lips stroke the artist’s consciousness so deep that it just produced the result of another world. You can have the same emotional input in any type of representation and it could definitely require the same amount of time, which is magically canceled within the piece of art itself.

I find it a paradox, really, how on the outer world, around the painting, there is constant movement, change, a change so profound that it is not related only to the people around the art piece but also the trends or the existing era with its complex cultural characteristics, but on that canvas – from the moment it is completed – in that beautiful moment it has reached maturity, nothing can alter sublime wholeness, or  to even come close to its unique beauty.

It hypnotizes me, I just stop being interested in answers and my thoughts dissipate somewhere unknown… when I contemplate immortality.

– I think I have the same feeling whenever I hear my mom’s voice on the phone, I can’t seem to find any answer and she manages to freeze my thoughts, Isabell says cheerfully, displaying an amused face.

I laugh along with her, wishing that I could still hear my mom…  But don’t I … hear her voice, when I look at the paintings on our museum’s walls? There is something that draws me to them, I am mesmerized yet I feel as there’s a hidden door which opens and invites me to step further and respond to the loving calling, visiting that dimension where no worldly law exists, as if my heart would recognize a familiar place, the same comfort  I knew … in my childhood. Luna jumps on my lap and pulls me out of my reverie. She’s looking at me with curious eyes, fixing my own gaze as if she would read my mind and waiting for my confirmation.

– Hey, are you okay there? Isabell asks, puzzled.

– Yeah, why, I just instantly switched to my own parents when you reminded your mom.

– I could see that, you’ve spent ten minutes lost in the world you were talking about, it was like I was contemplating a statue and not my friend. I think even Luna noticed you were travelling far.

– Really? I didn’t realize my thoughts slipped so deep, sorry to ignore you Isabell, and you too, Luna, I kiss my little friend on her cute head and lift myself from the couch.

– Should we check out what is there to see tonight before the girls arrive? What are you in the mood for? I ask my friend whilst arranging in my mind a few options myself.

– Ummm, I don’t know, comedy, drama, thriller, cartoon, Disney has lots of options if we want to have a laugh or maybe something classical?

– How about if we go with La Dolce Vita? Classical, dreamy, perfect for pajama party and we can sob a bit over sharing some sushi? We’ll ask the girls if they agree with it, this way we can all get in the Italian atmosphere and maybe start planning a future trip?

– Ummm, okay, that sounds good even though I would still add a cartoon after it. We could do that if we feel like it, right?

– That sounds perfect!

Luna jumped between me and Isabell as for making her presence taken into account, both of us laughing at her personality display and pronounce almost synchronized – The Aristocats!, surprising each other  and laughing now frantically.

The doorbell announced the arrival of our friends, Isabell went to open the door whilst I was left to prepare some plates and glasses, taking them out of my cupboards and arranging them on the kitchen table.

The girls were like a tornado coming through the door, noisy, cheerfully, energetically sharing their travel experience to arriving here, asking to see the new member of our group, discussing impressions of our last night out, talking about the food we were to order, pointing out that we should decide and make a list of what we’ll have as the sooner we place the order, the better and faster it will arrive.

They were laughing at the images I sent them, gathered on the couch, with Luna jumping from one to another, as she would need to inspect them and make sure they’re friendly, with the lights dim, set by Isabell after opening the door, I was looking at them from the kitchen table and it seemed as an old photography I had taken in a different time… maybe  even a different part of the world… I had a home feeling, as if these girls were my best friends forever, and somehow we have met before, ages ago. Did they feel the same, maybe? Was it just me the one who had this impression? I couldn’t stop wondering what was the meaning of it all, what if we were best friends and we have somehow forgotten we have met before, now, luckily, by chance or fate, we have found each other? What was the purpose of our meeting, did we have one? What was the meaning of our friendship?

Did we wish to forget about it in the past or it has just happened? What was Luna’s part in our story and how did she get here, eventually? Her appearance was still a mystery, carrying a humanized behavior, not to mention the similarity of her appearance and Jacob’s, what were these facts trying to tell me?

Was it there something to be told, was it just my imagination?

Was this world even real or were we only a dream on an artist’s canvas, who’s painting us now, even in this gathering, here?

A glass slipped out of my hand, sprinkling all over the floor innumerable broken fine pieces, sparkling corresponding light on the ceiling of the living room and my kitchen, impalpable yet present,  giving the atmosphere a new image, a feeling of novelty started with the crystal’s sound hitting the floor and the silence echoed in everyone’s soul.




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