Nobody escapes the law of Karma.

I love it when people complain and point fingers, then stay hidden. I love it because every word someone types or talks about something – they have known or are.  Let’s play a game. Imagine life is like a mirror. What you say to others, it is your own reflection you talk about. The law of Karma or simply – what you do comes back to you, in any way you’ve done it, you will receive it.

In astrology it is said that in the first 29 years of life an individual will have the opportunity to see what he has done in a previous life, so he can understand the lessons and evolve from that. Of course, in any way that individual decides it is beneficial for themselves.

It is the same with karma. You have the opportunity to see and know through the people you meet who you were and what you’ve done, who you are now and pay attention to your own deeds when meeting other people. If you decide to change the scenario or stick to the same.

There are many people who feel cheated or that they are forced to do things. Question is: What is it inside them that attracts such behaviour? What is the lesson? Maybe there are more than one? The law of karma is always in action.

Manipulation can come in many ways including pointing fingers, it is a form of attachment, an emotional attachment and a way to draw attention and obtain response. What does that transmit? How can it influence the karma law? Usually the reasons used must be known or experienced in order to be recognized. Someone who blames another of  bribery must have done it previously in order to recognize it.

I like one example here. My  ex’s mother  found in my pc some old clips of me since I was on webchat, some that I had forgotten about, but she found them. Apparently  “looking for videos of us from holidays”  so she can watch. Next thing she did was searching for me on escorting websites. I could have never  thought  about that. What does that say?  You have to know it to do it. Could I say it was the law of karma? And I was indeed a type of escorting but on webchat at that time. Oh the drama, the show and the intrigues. Sometimes I loved them, sometimes I hated them. It made me feel sick but at the same time it gave me the opportunity to know a different part of the world, a dark twisted one. Was it good? Was it bad? It was an experience that taught me what I want in this life and what I don’t want.

Every person that comes into our lives teaches us something. It is a reflection of who we are. I, myself, passed from  innocence to rebellion during high school years, to being a cheater, to lies, then illness, selling my own image for  money – I call it a type of sacred prostitution of the soul (haha the irony), addictions (I was drugs and alcohol addict) then     

I wanted change.

I knew I can do better.  We can all do better. I wanted to share with my friends what I have learned and started writing. Then I started question things around me and the people I talk with. Some that displayed an image but had a different  behaviour, some didn’t appreciate my knowledge and called it bullshit. Then I said okay, I will mind my own business. I noticed that just because some answered  my messages it didn’t mean that they were  completely honest with me, because I had to be honest with myself  first hand.

Knowing yourself thoroughly  is a prime condition for asking others to be sincere.


The thing is that when people notice your change they become upset. Because you’re not who they “used to know you are” and that is upsetting. It causes distress because it lets them know  a new type of approach will be needed  when  before “being comfortable”  was  easy. Change isn’t. It is provocative, especially when you don’t know what it is going to be about. Then you start observing reactions. People fear change, why? I have no clue.

The laws of our Universe are always  in action. Do you pay attention to your actions? Are you familiar with the law of karma? What you have done – you will be able to see so you can understand yourself. It will be presented by  the people around you.


After you have understood who you are, you still have to mind the law.

What you do you shall receive. You create your karma.

The Universe is always in harmony, when you expand your consciousness you will be able to understand how things work  and “see” the lessons in everything.

The old perspective of good/bad can shift to a more comprehensive vision, all encompassing. 

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