A few thoughts on a Sunday.


One of my favorite actors undoubtedly is Tom Hanks. I can’t say I have watched all the movies he had played in but the ones I have made me think and question things either in general or specific matters. His representation added on the list of my favorite movies Bridge of Spies that I recommend cordially, it was a brilliant movie, and I have just watched Sully, a film related to the Hudson river airplane incident in 2009.

What I liked in these films is that his character advocates for the human factor of decision making process, highlighting how human intelligence can make the best decision even without having clear data and being under extreme time pressure or conditions. In Bridge of Spies it is even better presented as the action takes place in a conflict environment with huge implications.

I see both movies as life lessons, intelligently  bringing into the attention of the large public how a human being can obtain the maximum outcome when facing a situation, even when unprepared for that specific role, or without a special training as in Bridge of Spies.

Also both stories support the idea of following your own intuition regardless of what people around say, whether some are professionals, or with comprehensive knowledge or more experienced, or even when everyone else is against your idea and you’re the only one believing in it. What you have to do, only you can do it by following your own intelligence, or how I like to call it, inner truth or guiding.

There are some films that you watch and make you question things profoundly. How have the events  presented to the public during history really happened? There are  situations when  the smallest detail can make a huge difference, one that  can have great impact on a large scale, I see a perfect example in Bridge of Spies, and it makes me wonder why only some people can have the courage and faith to follow their own guiding?  It feels as if every person could have a maximum  result if doing so but most people follow other people’s rules.

But regardless of the questions arisen from these stories, the cherry treat I find the line in Bridge of Spies, that is represented in Sully through the captain’s decision, when the character finds himself facing two options with none pairing his own views:

“Every person matters…”


It seems a bit idealistic but it has a profound connection to human empathy and higher values of life, establishing a clear connection to the United States’s Constitution and the people who believe in it. I loved the movie, only saw it once, perhaps I will watch it again in the future.

What I extracted from these films and connected to my own philosophy  of daily life was the idea that you cannot plan an action, you can have an approximation about it but if facing extreme conditions you must trust your own intelligence, accept everything  as  pieces of puzzle that will allow you to see a larger picture and bring into focus your humanistic values so that at the end you won’t have any regret, regardless of what calculations present as a satisfactory result or choices brought forward by various systems, or expectations.

Some people tend to live life on a daily basis, taking one day at a time. It seems an interesting option as nobody can guarantee that tomorrow will come or how that tomorrow will present itself.

I was questioning why not treating every moment as  the last one, giving it meaning as it would be a single chance to experience it, because once passed it won’t come back? What’s more, what seems a good idea in the first two hours of a morning can turn into an outdated one in the afternoon, there is always room for new options and maybe a fresher perspective?

Everything changes in life, starting from the cells of our body to the borders of a country and global climate. So why not see every moment as a unique chance to experience something you never had before? Not so sure plans find some room here? That is… if you plan to not have a plan. 🙂

This way everything will appear as an opportunity, something enriching, giving meaning and adding, perhaps, a sense of freedom  to every day.

It is, after all, a state of mind, isn’t it? 🙂

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