Are we living in the same world?



Some mornings or late nights (when my sleeping routine is derailed for some odd reason – don’t suspect I have a million thoughts running crazily through my mind) I find myself in consistent absorption with the news feed on my phone, surf the internet for scientific reports or read relevant articles on general reflection on life. I’m not a news junkie and not such a fast reader, I take my time to dissect information but there are times when some bits just strike me and make my mind burst out of its impassivity. I know it’s been almost a hundred years since Edwin Hubble did a lot of pioneering work on galaxies and coined the terms about the expanding universe but at times I ask myself if these missions to Mars or Elon Musk’s plans about building extraterrestrial bases aren’t too Scifi when a large part of the globe’s population is still facing poverty?  If you are curious you can get some insight here  or research it yourself and, perhaps, share your findings?

I am pro science and development and seemingly a new born baby regarding my knowledge in the field but looking at my daily life and my life style it seems as if I am reading the news from a parallel universe. There are discrepancies between cultures and economical structures and some of us haven’t figured out our way on planet Earth first and foremost. I was reading the other day about last nomadic tribes in Papua New Guinea  (sadly, a well-known anthropologist died) and at the quite opposite pole there are the extraterrestrial scientific

It is beautiful that there is such diversity on the same planet where also there are people who choose to explore their inner universe, which is still an unlimited universe, and it highlights the human restless quest for new, unusual, unseen, unexplored. I was thinking that maybe the same discrepancy could be seen inwardly, throughout our consciousness?

For example, I like to advertise myself in the professional field as an experienced coach (I think it’s like an ego treat), that has assimilated its training into attitude but then, suddenly, I read, while texting to my friend on an early morning, my own words blurted out as telling her what I would do as an answer to a simple question she asked me, where she would just need to hear her own answer. I instantly project myself in her shoes and give an example of what I would do, a sort of observing myself through the image of another person. Psychologically, the psyche observes itself in its own role, but also through the people around. Is it an excuse? Not really. I was human in that position and not a coach. There are times when I feel like there are parts of me that are conflicting as they are completely opposite to what I have known, or learnt so far about myself and it makes my work a lot easier to just write down my words and observe my own complexity or overly-worn habits.

Education influences intimately aspects of our lives and it is an ongoing process, it never stops, just like science, because it is complex, including contradictory or opposing  terms. Should I have not noticed my slip I would have been caught in the same repetitive pattern, not being aware, maybe I would have continued the same mistake over and over but once you get in contact with knowledge or learn about yourself then you have more chances to progress.children

Bottom line, it’s a great thing that there are companies and governmental programs for scientific research, hopefully these will be extended to the less developed countries where education will be available for all the people, so they can learn about everything there is on our planet, how can we educate ourselves into becoming noble human beings, as Buddhists say, and about the projects to colonize other plants as well.

I like Alan Watts materials regarding the world we live in, and the title just brought me the curiosity to review some of his content. 

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