4 a.m. this morning – this note I will keep-

More vividly my dreams have never been

Half the night they spoke to me

Rising susceptibility to every thing

Fostering consequences

Leaving behind complexity

(I reckon some of it)

I shall begin:


My sleeves fell lazily on my arms

(Covering my body – translucide dove-coloured blouse)

Had a tote – heart and hope kept – on my shoulder

Feet amusingly walked curious paths

On a wildly shaped land like no other.

(Told myself)

Oh, this blood – knitting feeling, trembling hidden sense, slight grimace agrees

It builds gently, through my veins whilst these thoughts

Translate into sort of glowing diligently moths

Keenly enlivening my chest, enfiring my cheeks, beautiful absorbing breeze educating my knees.


I saw portraits of friends through the sketching landscape

I thought it incredible, although cheerful voices were unlikely theirs

I turned away. A new movement as companionship I reached – Was that fate?

Reiteration – conjectural fancy – seemed pointlessly fashioned –and

I wanted ancient uncomfortable beyond futuristic present exposé.

Extraordinary absurd, I accepted the ascetic pace

Arriving at this ultimate old but young edge of continent.

(Are we there where we ought to be? – surprised myself)

There she was… bordering the Universe’s sublime sea – conscious face

Intentively drawn me closer to breathe immortal pose, deep waves, restless sensitivity, salty scent.


I paused.

 (At this moment something in my dream was found.)

It was I – as an emotional apostle, a bearer who kept something laid by her in hand.

A key of mythology that would act fatally

Its written reflecting timeless passages captivatingly

Describing visionary truths, glowing youthful travels inside – this me?-

Letters touched one another with solemn glory.


(My eyes had opened. )


Here I am now… in the library.

 Narcissus – Zhao Mengjian



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