Conversation with a child.

(before bedtime)

Today I heard some children saying that God doesn’t exist. That it is a lie. Just like Santa, when people are hired to act before children so they can be fooled.

What do you think about that?

I don’t know. I have never seen God or Santa on Christmas night. None of my friends have. And there are children that don’t get visited by Santa, how is that possible?

How do you think God is like?

What do you mean?

What do you think God does? Or how is like?

Mummy says God takes care of everyone and loves all the people, that it means care, kindness, appreciation, trust, compassion, but I heard children saying today that some people are mean and that it is their mothers fault for their meanness. Does God care for mean people?pexels-photo-108028

Do you think God cares for animals or plants? Do you think there is God there?

I think that there is magic. (giggles)

What makes you say that?

I don’t know how a flower grows with no food just water and I don’t know how a puppy learns how to love me like I love him.

But they do, don’t they?

Yeah, they do. (cheering laugh)

Do you think there is God there, in that plant or puppy, or in magic?

What do you mean?

Do you find care, kindness, joy, appreciation in those you mentioned?

I guess so…(looks slightly confused)

What about you? How do you grow and learn to love?

I saw how mummy prepares the meals and I learned to make myself breakfast  and I love with my arms and lips and my heart.pexels-photo-128899.jpeg

Do you like that?

Very much! (huge smile and bright eyes)

Is God there, in that moment you learn and love?

I guess so…? (smiling shyly)

Do you see God?


But you feel God?

Yeah! (confidently) But then why are there places where people suffer or where people are mean?

Do you think there are people who never feel care, or joy, or peace, or kindness?

I guess not…? I don’t know… Why children said some people are mean and so are their mothers?

Have you ever spilled milk?

I have…

Was it your mummy the one who did it?

No. I did it.

Is it okay to say someone else does things you do on your own?

It isn’t.

Did you learn better after?


Did it make you happy to learn by yourself?

It did.pexels-photo-69738

Was God there, then?

I guess… yes!

What does that mean to you?

That I learn by myself?

Do you feel good  when mummy allows you to choose your own colors for clothes and shoes, crayons, your favorite game to play or when she encourages you to imagine your own story?

I do!

Is God there too?

Yeah! (happily)

Do you see God?

No, I feel God!


Here! (points to the big smile and giggles)

Anywhere else?

Here ! (towards the heart)

So God saw you learning and stayed next to you, waiting for you to understand?

I guess…

Is every person allowed to choose for themselves and learn?

I don’t know… are they? Some mothers are maybe … not like my mummy?

Do you think that God would allow everyone to learn and understand what is best for them?pexels-photo-236302.jpeg

I guess…

And to say anything they want or to choose what to believe? In any possible way?

I guess so…

Is that care, kindness, compassion, love, freedom?

Is it …? (she falls asleep)



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