Discerning colours


Certainly a first satisfactory establishment

In the lost days of arts

Flirted politely under musical enchantment

Sung by the wind blown through those parts

When I had little knowledge of the customs, tongue or trades

Or how different was I perceived from the surrounding landscapes

Approached with a natural carefree smile, disbelieved as a surprise;

Instead subjected to private observance along with the light of my eyes.

Discriminated prematureness grew older than stirred influence of heart

Through elegant manners irresistible danger places curiosity and wickedness’s impulses

In modern possibilities of dominance

Advertised as superior meaning of life.

The first time I died on this dual land

And had my blood taken as a source to always provide

Closed my innocent eyes as something necessary

To cast out the shadow of the evil mercenary

Densely ignorant of the crime expressed

When, in right clothes, with its stained hands, spilled careless

Over the mighty ground

My blood’s sacred verse.

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