Within the heart of a child



Four of my puppets sit on the bed while the Smurfs rest next to it, on the carpet. They sat themselves there so they can have a better view of my representation. I wanted them all to watch me doing this so I have gathered them here. Of course, I have covered baby G’s eyes because he’s yet too young for this. A while ago I have decided  that if I won’t be able to have a pet friend that would carry me on his back around the world like the one I saw in Neverending story then I will create my own friend that will stay with me here, my own invisible companion that would never leave me. For my 8th birthday I received a book that promised to teach me How to recognize a witch, but I haven’t seen any, none of my friends at school have either, so I guessed that if there is such a book and witches exist then so does magic and invisibleness so I could learn that and perhaps I could, maybe, create my special friend?

I wished, I thought it would’ve been easier, to have some magic shoes like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz but I’m not that lucky and I’ve gathered the small crowd around me just to feel safe, in case something unexpected appears  during my little experiment.  The book taught me how to ask for something special and which are the signs I shouldn’t neglect, so I know how and what I want yet I still feel a bit uneasy. I have imagined around me a circle of salt that burns in white flames, I have a magic wand made out of a pencil with some Christmas decorations, I know these are useful because they always shine so bright when they’re set on the tree. I want my invisible companion to be someone that’s always with me, to accompany me everywhere or maybe she, at times, could even take care of baby G when I am away with family, or help me do my homework and share lunch with me when I come home from school because shared food tastes always better.

Tamara de Lempicka – Portrait of miss Poum Rachou

She could help me clean my room, we could play hide and seek, she could also talk with me before bedtime and perhaps at night we could travel to the place she comes from, show me how it’s like. I wonder how could a different world look like or how would it be to live in one? I could show her this one during day, when we would play outside or stroll to find new places in the gardens around the block. Maybe she could teach me about her world, how it is there from where I will ask her to appear? For sure she must come from a different world, she couldn’t possibly come out of thin air?

She and me could learn so much about one another in our adventures that we could be lifetime friends and I will never have to worry that I will get bored or be alone again.

Here I am, standing in the circle and ready to ask my special friend to appear. Is everyone ready?


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