Sequels of rose fragrance lie

admission-ed through my hair

unraveling stories imperfectly

traveling langorously in this Italian air

filling the depths of my lungs,

my melancholic heart, 

spinning excessively my thoughts.

Before I make my leap

I will close my eyes

whisper to the sky

that burning desire to have my life revived. 




This is my first drawing, as a gift for you, it is the image I saw reflected this morning on the sky, the clouds had this peculiar shape as if they were picturing a young woman about to make a leap of faith and there was a pair of hands ready to catch her.

It was a curious thing, it made me ask myself how could I share it so someone else can see the same thing I see and it came to my mind I should crayon it. The image didn’t dissipate as clouds tend to change shape but this morning it just traveled like this along the sky, passing the building and heading East.

I thought it to be beautiful. 🙂

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