Vis cântat dintr-un colț de grădină.

A plouat astăzi, rapid, ca dintr-o poruncă scurtă de a răci pământul înfierbântat și a potoli setea naturii, lăsând în urmă băltoace limpezi, supte în ora după-amiezii la fel de brusc ca norii strânși de nicăieri. Mi-a lăsat în inimă o veselie ca o pulbere vie, reînviată și mărturisită în dorința de a prelungi ziua … Continue reading Vis cântat dintr-un colț de grădină.

A small door to a dream world.

  Do you ever ask yourself how is it possible that some people manage to create things for which time is canceled? And why only some and not everyone is able to do such an extraordinary thing? When I note the details of a painting and observe the style, the way the light is captured … Continue reading A small door to a dream world.


  "And it came…  in a dreamy state hologram with his tongue tracking  my collarbone, my mind emerging in blue lines coloring every piece of furniture around us, every decorative ceramic or the walls of this now temple like room,  painting  the scene of us together, our united bodies, imprinting our silhouettes on his bed. … Continue reading Blue.


  Intr-un orasel micut, intr-o zi de primavara, venea pe lume o fetita. Familia ei era o familie modesta, cu alti doi copii. Parintii ei au numit-o Matteuccia, dupa numele florii ce-si deschidea petalele spre lumina soarelui in aceeasi zi. Mai tarziu, pe cand crestea, fetita avea sa mai primeasca alti doi fratiori, parintii ei … Continue reading Speranta.

The secret

  I was sending pictures to Holly and Sienna with the hilarious view of Isabell and Luna when my phone rang, displaying  the name of my boss. - Hello? - Hey, Mia! This is Jonathan, sorry I’m calling so late on a Saturday evening but I have exciting news for you! - Tell me, what … Continue reading The secret

A fountain of feelings

  And it was all written on my face. Isabell smiled, doctor Richards, Jacob, was still looking at me and even Luna noticed how tense I was, her paws were on my chin,  everybody seemed to be wondering  if I was going to move or not. Luckily, Lucy broke the silence and forced me to … Continue reading A fountain of feelings

Blue Moon on a Friday night

  I just couldn’t believe my eyes. The cat was sleeping lazily on my couch, in my apartment, without me allowing her through the door. I am sure of it?! How was that even possible? I forced myself to come to my senses and think what possibilities were for her to slip in while I … Continue reading Blue Moon on a Friday night

The black cat. A tale of mystery.

All that Jazz. infobarrel.com8 pm and I still hadn’t left the apartment. Through the walls I could feel the bass and tunes of the jazz club downstairs and was happily giggling thinking at the fun I’ll have later in the evening. I was running between bathroom and bedroom trying to fix my dress and adjust … Continue reading The black cat. A tale of mystery.