Saying Yes to Life

  Being true to myself means being honest about my flaws and accept my mistakes or things I perhaps do and that are not necessarily supportive of my own well-being, means assessing  my choices and the impact they have on my overall life as a social being. I’ve learned over the years that the first … Continue reading Saying Yes to Life

Perhaps life is creating you.

       Perhaps life isn’t about creating it, perhaps life is actually creating you.     Watching the sun hiding behind the Alps in sunset gives me a peaceful and grateful feeling for being alive and able to see. For me, the twilight atmosphere has its own calming sound and I’ve noticed that even … Continue reading Perhaps life is creating you.

Are we living in the same world?

    Some mornings or late nights (when my sleeping routine is derailed for some odd reason – don’t suspect I have a million thoughts running crazily through my mind) I find myself in consistent absorption with the news feed on my phone, surf the internet for scientific reports or read relevant articles on general … Continue reading Are we living in the same world?

Things I’ve learned over the years.

Being a woman isn’t easy in a men driven world, especially when past generations were and still are encouraging young women to accept compromise or even favor different types of “sacrifice” for the sake of others ( career, family, ambitions). It is wrong to presume that only in some parts of the world women are … Continue reading Things I’ve learned over the years.

wildsoul detoured path women rights

Detoured path.

Locked patterns blurred my senses, Golden cage imbalanced steps, Staggering joy- captured essence, In cyclic movement pretending accomplishment. Secret life sneaked in – splitting conformity in two; It stained my toes with henna. - A Truth teller of my forbidden nature - Far seer I came to learn, Breaking free is the paycheck of devaluation. … Continue reading Detoured path.

How do we shape our relationships?

One of my passions is psychology. I like to read and apply on myself the concepts that I read about, evaluating who I am and how I have constructed my relationships along time. One of my mentors is Carl Gustav Jung, an outstanding personality, a researched, a scientist I dare say, a scientist of human … Continue reading How do we shape our relationships?

The Woman experience – uncovering authenticity and truth.

      One thing I never got completely used with or maybe accept is the cultivated image of woman in nowadays societies. Regardless of the different set of characteristics each culture has and which shapes/dictates behaviour of society’s individuals (seen as women), there are major stereotypes promoted of what woman is or should learn … Continue reading The Woman experience – uncovering authenticity and truth.

A few thoughts on a Sunday.

  One of my favorite actors undoubtedly is Tom Hanks. I can’t say I have watched all the movies he had played in but the ones I have made me think and question things either in general or specific matters. His representation added on the list of my favorite movies Bridge of Spies that I … Continue reading A few thoughts on a Sunday.

the law of karma

Nobody escapes the law of Karma.

I love it when people complain and point fingers, then stay hidden. I love it because every word someone types or talks about something - they have known or are.  Let’s play a game. Imagine life is like a mirror. What you say to others, it is your own reflection you talk about. The law of … Continue reading Nobody escapes the law of Karma.

For Christmas, to know unconditional love.

       You are a soul perfect and whole, allow life to unravel who you are.       Writing this blog post before Christmas, I have chosen as subject unconditional love. How can we reach this state of loving wholeness whilst living in a world that is progressively preoccupied with self-discovery, simultaneously vulnerable … Continue reading For Christmas, to know unconditional love.