Breathing vision

If youth is the purest grape from which one's hand can mature  a drop of wine all gold and white at rest in the sunshine on bloomed lips laid with fruity lust to settle the taste or that thirsted candor of your eyes, it happens so if you are wise. Unguessed passions turned into strong … Continue reading Breathing vision

Eye-lashing atmosphere

Delicate fingertips encrypting emotional maps supplying languidly  with piano tunes an intimated sense of mingled delight parting lips behind cooling curtains cancelling words instead playing day dreams  on a summer after-noon.   Artwork Stacy Barter - Cascading Crimson More info here.


      Had no inclination to read written secrets Or curiosity to find new friends Since my sudden attack of loneliness Struck with offensiveness on an unwelcomed guest Which pointed unjust defects I had justified myself with instinctive considerance Before cancelling difference Between I and the mirroring presence.

Discerning colours

  Certainly a first satisfactory establishment In the lost days of arts Flirted politely under musical enchantment Sung by the wind blown through those parts When I had little knowledge of the customs, tongue or trades Or how different was I perceived from the surrounding landscapes Approached with a natural carefree smile, disbelieved as a … Continue reading Discerning colours

Interest of sympathy in years

  Experience as a painted masterpiece is a matter of instinct joyously illuminated by forlorn weariness. In stimulated comparisons there is hardly what to say by opinionated opinions as particularity finds its general embalment of knowledge which one might believe highly esteemed.   Question muted on lips :  The official cost?         … Continue reading Interest of sympathy in years

wisdom rose

Insensible contrast  in her eyes Makes cheeks flush-ing Repentance brings no satisfaction; -she knows- With little fire she chooses in which passion to burn. Devoting in her distinctness unusual delicacy and generosity -inevitable self-interested- in winning.

Emotional – Being –

Secured intervals of feeling Come culminating in my human heart Early on I had no such affections Claiming vitality was moderate deficiency In a play of artistic fancy Looking to figure out Meaning between breakfast and dinner-time.     Perhaps I could learn to speak aloud A language that translates what I don't understand Have … Continue reading Emotional – Being –

She walks in Beauty

by Lord Byron She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes; Thus mellowed to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies. One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impaired the … Continue reading She walks in Beauty


Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri  CANTO V Dante ascends with Beatrice to Mercury, the second heaven, where he meets a multitude of spirits. " IF beyond earthly wont, the flame of love Illume me, so that I o’ercome thy power Of vision, marvel not: but learn the cause In that perfection of the sight, which, soon … Continue reading Paradise

Sung by a domestic flower

soles lit seriously by lectures of ancient stones blooming breeze carries away depressing thoughts as little as hairs of grass tight feelings poking out in dirt under sunshine exaggerated view condensed with wilderness unconscious of its uneasiness eclipses cradle found its match through reflectiveness political speech to upturn quietly striking opportunity which - looking into … Continue reading Sung by a domestic flower