What is Woman?

  I will tell you if you promise…to tell everybody else. An exhibition of Life, Highly educated souls gathers Richly pure - artistic beauty Intimately hidden as a secret kept for one. Entertaining whispers flown from goddesses lips, Picturesque caprices, childlike dreams, Absolute kindness healing lonely presences Cleverly choosing the most exquisite work of art … Continue reading What is Woman?

The common sense of duty.

(enthusiastically) One of the sweetest of hands wrote this!  (how unfair people are at times) (invariably calm) As if there were such a thing. Humor...that's what it lacks.  The good old days when one could be positively angry or persistently compromising. The younger days... Nowadays one considers sweet working for a living.  Fine plasticized masks, … Continue reading The common sense of duty.

Unforgivable use of useful things.

(sitting down, reading) I will insist upon it. You dare not to refuse. Surely it will be something for you? (looking out the window) Oh, you know me well enough. Can't you guess already? The usual history, as it usually happens, as it has always happened... doesn't interest me. (putting letter down, rising) You must! … Continue reading Unforgivable use of useful things.

Before sunrise.

Slept on your side, just to feel you closer. Wavy hair tickling my nose and cheeks, Wishing it were your sweet cherry flavoured lips. I hoped to find you easier when my eyes slip into dream See your shape into light, your hand holding mine, on my shoulder your kiss. How delightful that dream could … Continue reading Before sunrise.

Ode on Sadness.

Quietness... sewn in my heart, Pieces of torn apart feelings Now brought together with warmth. For ever loving soul weeping crystal tears Teased by old worldly thoughts and hidden fears.   Don't grieve... my dear, dear heart. Soak in this holy water your pure melancholy, Let its freshness wash away that sorrow, drowsily. On your … Continue reading Ode on Sadness.