Occidental glow - or better universal tone - filling day-time with metaphysical poetry  dismissing impalpable regrets - meant to drain life out - turning key points  into truthfulness   Artwork Marc Horowitz - “What do you all want from me, may I ask?” More info here.


Unguessed reticences inspiring about nothing in a breathless relief judging as time vanishes politely how futile seclusion is           The Tarot Garden - Niki de Saint Phalle http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/04/18/niki-de-saint-phalles-tarot-garden


Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri  CANTO V Dante ascends with Beatrice to Mercury, the second heaven, where he meets a multitude of spirits. " IF beyond earthly wont, the flame of love Illume me, so that I o’ercome thy power Of vision, marvel not: but learn the cause In that perfection of the sight, which, soon … Continue reading Paradise

Abstract Nude Painting - Robert Joyner

What is Woman?

  I will tell you if you promise…to tell everybody else. Abstract Nude Painting - Robert Joyner  An exhibition of Life, Highly educated souls gathers Richly pure - artistic beauty Intimately hidden as a secret kept for one. Entertaining whispers flown from goddesses lips, Picturesque caprices, childlike dreams, Absolute kindness healing lonely presences Cleverly choosing … Continue reading What is Woman?

Women and magic

There is an artist's muse in every woman. Just that she doesn’t know it. That magical being that appears to inspire great minds to create. The being captured in every great art. Life itself. We all like to watch  the examples of  powerful women  around the world  because we find inspiration in them. We admire … Continue reading Women and magic