Receiving light especially in the sense of art whose fancy would trouble minds with the natural instinct of reverie, psychology of fragrances and sweet-bitter fruit of asceticism refashioning stereotyped habits upon a world anew   Artwork Annie Heisey - Lift More info here  and artist statement here.

Within the heart of a child

    Four of my puppets sit on the bed while the Smurfs rest next to it, on the carpet. They sat themselves there so they can have a better view of my representation. I wanted them all to watch me doing this so I have gathered them here. Of course, I have covered baby … Continue reading Within the heart of a child

Life as a work of art.

"Ultimately, there is nothing to forgive because there is no one to judge."  Wayne W. Dyer   To be in society means making conscious choices regarding the people you surround yourself with. It is said that like-minded people attract one another but I have experienced situations when that wasn’t applicable so I found myself asking … Continue reading Life as a work of art.

A fountain of feelings

  And it was all written on my face. Isabell smiled, doctor Richards, Jacob, was still looking at me and even Luna noticed how tense I was, her paws were on my chin,  everybody seemed to be wondering  if I was going to move or not. Luckily, Lucy broke the silence and forced me to … Continue reading A fountain of feelings

A life of secrets and games.

They say it can take a lifetime to actually learn to know someone and sometimes you might not even be successful. And you know why? Because we don’t even know our own essence and being. And it’s a hell of a hard job to find out who we really are. Sometimes accepting who we are … Continue reading A life of secrets and games.