Within the heart of a child

    Four of my puppets sit on the bed while the Smurfs rest next to it, on the carpet. They sat themselves there so they can have a better view of my representation. I wanted them all to watch me doing this so I have gathered them here. Of course, I have covered baby … Continue reading Within the heart of a child

Illuminated visual experience

  Today I found the earrings you once gifted me. Their elegant stones capture light with the same gentleness. I haven’t worn them, I have to confess. I was afraid of spoiling them, I guess… All these years I had them right beside me, without even touching or seeing them. I kept them hidden, in … Continue reading Illuminated visual experience

Conversation with a child.

(before bedtime) Today I heard some children saying that God doesn’t exist. That it is a lie. Just like Santa, when people are hired to act before children so they can be fooled. What do you think about that? I don’t know. I have never seen God or Santa on Christmas night. None of my … Continue reading Conversation with a child.

Are we living in the same world?

    Some mornings or late nights (when my sleeping routine is derailed for some odd reason – don’t suspect I have a million thoughts running crazily through my mind) I find myself in consistent absorption with the news feed on my phone, surf the internet for scientific reports or read relevant articles on general … Continue reading Are we living in the same world?

Life as a work of art.

"Ultimately, there is nothing to forgive because there is no one to judge."  Wayne W. Dyer   To be in society means making conscious choices regarding the people you surround yourself with. It is said that like-minded people attract one another but I have experienced situations when that wasn’t applicable so I found myself asking … Continue reading Life as a work of art.

The power of Love

I’m walking on the cobbled streets again, going to meet my friends in Santa’s town. It’s December and downtown Bucharest  there’s a small market decorated with Christmas lights, small shops with mulled wine and traditional goodies, a stage where bands come to perform and a small house where children can come to see Santa and … Continue reading The power of Love