Saying Yes to Life

  Being true to myself means being honest about my flaws and accept my mistakes or things I perhaps do and that are not necessarily supportive of my own well-being, means assessing  my choices and the impact they have on my overall life as a social being. I’ve learned over the years that the first … Continue reading Saying Yes to Life


Irregular letters painting an atmosphere with strange sentiments With no desire to draw or sketch Twist of how life goes in the world - it represents Feather layers sprinkled over raw flesh Promised soothing balm for wounded hearts Thorns of wild roses still bleeding  Mist of liveliness to spray over intense anxiety Demanding impetuous confidentiality … Continue reading Observations


  The truth is things will happen, whether you like it or not. There are two choices: You either struggle to control and try guiding them your way - and suffer or  You detach, relax and observe the process - while enjoying your life. You are responsible only for your attitude. reading Observation