Interest of sympathy in years

  Experience as a painted masterpiece is a matter of instinct joyously illuminated by forlorn weariness. In stimulated comparisons there is hardly what to say by opinionated opinions as particularity finds its general embalment of knowledge which one might believe highly esteemed.   Question muted on lips :  The official cost?         … Continue reading Interest of sympathy in years


Unguessed reticences inspiring about nothing in a breathless relief judging as time vanishes politely how futile seclusion is           The Tarot Garden - Niki de Saint Phalle

Autumn dream.

          Learning to dance as trees renounce their leaves, overwhelming the air, kissing it in their descent.           No darkness, dim light and the scent of colorful Dahlias. Swans pedaling on the lake, gentle wind blowing precious petals over my stared reflection. It’s Hera’s cloud in the depth … Continue reading Autumn dream.