Ai grijă ce-ți dorești, s-ar putea să ți se întâmple.

Obișnuiesc  să privesc în urmă la felul în care am crescut în România  atunci când citesc articole pe internet scrise de femei din Marea Britanie, sau vorbitoare de engleză, și mă gândesc  atât la diferența de mentalitate pe care am avut-o de-a lungul timpului cât și la tipul de viață lipsit de valori spirituale ce … Continue reading Ai grijă ce-ți dorești, s-ar putea să ți se întâmple.

My tenth and last day.

So today is my last day. I am going to talk a little about the changes I noticed these last 10 days, whilst on my juice. First of all of my skin. It just got brighter and cleaner. My stomach shrunk and  flattened. I didn't feel the need to sleep longer than 6 hours at … Continue reading My tenth and last day.

Ninth day. One more to go.

For today I made my choice for a super sweet juice. Here are the ingredients: -1 pineapple -1 blood orange -1 fennel -50 gr fresh mint - 1 bell pepper - 4 carrots - 4 lemons - 2 leaves of celery - 3 leaves of spinach - 1 small bit of ginger The pineapple was … Continue reading Ninth day. One more to go.

My eight day of juicing challenge.

I definitely started noticing my skin looking better these last few  days. At night I don't feel the need to sleep long hours  yet during day I get slightly tired after some physical activity. Like yesterday for example, I  walked for 5 hours around Milan and at 17:00 I already begun to feel sleepy eyes. … Continue reading My eight day of juicing challenge.

My seventh day of juicing.

I am not a quitter! Just that today I was on the run all day until the moment  when I  got home. I treated myself with a lovely juice I hadmade this morning just after I woke up. For it I chose this: - 1 pineapple -2 blood oranges -3 carrots - 50 gr of … Continue reading My seventh day of juicing.

Sixth day of juicing.

Today I  start the countdown till the last day! This juicing diet limits  your physical activity and the weather is starting to look perfect for running. So, after I finish this juicing challenge I will start my training challenge for a marathon. 🙂  Now for my sixth day I chose the following: - 3 lemons … Continue reading Sixth day of juicing.

My fifth day.

I am halfway through my juicing challenge! Today I woke up feeling amazing. Happy  and energetic. Not sure if it was the sunny day outside or actually my recent diet. 🙂 🙂 🙂  But the real challenge to continue will be this weekend as I want to go out more and it’s not so easy … Continue reading My fifth day.

My fourth day of juicing.

Today I woke up after 6 hours of sleep. I didn't feel the need to sleep longer although later I went to bed feeling very tired and hungry. :)) It must also be the reason I woke up slightly irritated as well haha. For my juice today I choose the following: - 2 leaves of … Continue reading My fourth day of juicing.

My third day of juicing.

Today I woke up with a terrible headache. I am guessing my body starts to eliminate toxins. I weighed myself as I had a flat tummy and got curious and I found out that I lost 1,8 kg! Surprise :)So here is my choice for today: - 3 leaves spinach -2 leaves celery -2 bell … Continue reading My third day of juicing.