Within the heart of a child

    Four of my puppets sit on the bed while the Smurfs rest next to it, on the carpet. They sat themselves there so they can have a better view of my representation. I wanted them all to watch me doing this so I have gathered them here. Of course, I have covered baby … Continue reading Within the heart of a child

Discerning colours

  Certainly a first satisfactory establishment In the lost days of arts Flirted politely under musical enchantment Sung by the wind blown through those parts When I had little knowledge of the customs, tongue or trades Or how different was I perceived from the surrounding landscapes Approached with a natural carefree smile, disbelieved as a … Continue reading Discerning colours

Illuminated visual experience

  Today I found the earrings you once gifted me. Their elegant stones capture light with the same gentleness. I haven’t worn them, I have to confess. I was afraid of spoiling them, I guess… All these years I had them right beside me, without even touching or seeing them. I kept them hidden, in … Continue reading Illuminated visual experience

Is being a gentleman In or Out?

Has the era of gentlemen been completely worn out by the era of emancipation? Is that the reality of the times we live? Is it honestly what every woman wants? Is it maybe, wanting to have equal rights to men but still, if possible, keep also the fragility and vulnerability of the female complexion and … Continue reading Is being a gentleman In or Out?

A life of secrets and games.

They say it can take a lifetime to actually learn to know someone and sometimes you might not even be successful. And you know why? Because we don’t even know our own essence and being. And it’s a hell of a hard job to find out who we really are. Sometimes accepting who we are … Continue reading A life of secrets and games.

Once upon a time…In Romania.

I’m not going to talk about the political regime and how we lived adapted to it. I’m going to talk about love. How Romanian girls perceive love. We grew up during times when very little information was accessible. When information was actually dangerous. When you would get to watch television for only two hours  and … Continue reading Once upon a time…In Romania.