Who are you?

A raindrop. The first spring flower. A stolen kiss. The inspiring  message you wrote to yourself three years ago. Five am sunrise. Lemonade in a summer afternoon. Steps taken into a meadow. The shy smile after you’ve just cried. Saying sorry after you’ve mistaken. Learning better. The hug you give to an unknown woman who’s … Continue reading Who are you?

Eyes tied to a name.

Feeling every second pass - as if full years of sin and life just went by. Time has no meaning. A curious thing: Before judgement sheets or just  behind those closed soul doors Lenses were set to capture not images but zoomed in emotions. What did you see? Love misplaced in hidden corners. I want … Continue reading Eyes tied to a name.

Healing through forgiveness.

Learn about yourself, every day and with every situation. Our purpose is to become whole, as human beings,  reach that inner state of goodness. Ask yourself  "Who am I"  and give yourself the chance to discover. We, too, can become like Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela. The world needs peace and love.  … Continue reading Healing through forgiveness.

One last look.

  The sky stands before me. Stars are shining around me, slipping through smooth clouds like silver dust. The gigantic planet Zimah is looking back at me with its immense rings and I smile, thinking at the recent adventure I just finished on it. Everything is rotating slowly, releasing something like fine music and a … Continue reading One last look.