How often do you count your blessings?

  Some days I seem to forget so easy how beautiful life is and instead focus or get stuck into a state of I wish I could’s or perhaps it would be better if’s, which isn’t a bad thing as day dreaming could bring into the picture something extraordinary for the soul but it also … Continue reading How often do you count your blessings?

Who are you?

A raindrop. The first spring flower. A stolen kiss. The inspiring  message you wrote to yourself three years ago. Five am sunrise. Lemonade in a summer afternoon. Steps taken into a meadow. The shy smile after you’ve just cried. Saying sorry after you’ve mistaken. Learning better. The hug you give to an unknown woman who’s … Continue reading Who are you?

Saying Yes to Life

  Being true to myself means being honest about my flaws and accept my mistakes or things I perhaps do and that are not necessarily supportive of my own well-being, means assessing  my choices and the impact they have on my overall life as a social being. I’ve learned over the years that the first … Continue reading Saying Yes to Life

Eye-lashing atmosphere

Delicate fingertips encrypting emotional maps supplying languidly  with piano tunes an intimated sense of mingled delight parting lips behind cooling curtains cancelling words instead playing day dreams  on a summer after-noon.   Artwork Stacy Barter - Cascading Crimson More info here.


Occidental glow - or better universal tone - filling day-time with metaphysical poetry  dismissing impalpable regrets - meant to drain life out - turning key points  into truthfulness   Artwork Marc Horowitz - “What do you all want from me, may I ask?” More info here.