Success extravagantly displayed enhanced by phenomenal comedy Sentenced unsuccessfully to earn establishment in fiction life-like tragedy outsetting in literary society  guilty of a certain tendency of suggesting crafty double life cultivation as an essential part of existence with desire of evolution, and supposed affinity, realms of imagination between art and knowledge uniquely uniting nature … Continue reading .

Who are you?

A raindrop. The first spring flower. A stolen kiss. The inspiring  message you wrote to yourself three years ago. Five am sunrise. Lemonade in a summer afternoon. Steps taken into a meadow. The shy smile after you’ve just cried. Saying sorry after you’ve mistaken. Learning better. The hug you give to an unknown woman who’s … Continue reading Who are you?

wisdom rose

Insensible contrast  in her eyes Makes cheeks flush-ing Repentance brings no satisfaction; -she knows- With little fire she chooses in which passion to burn. Devoting in her distinctness unusual delicacy and generosity -inevitable self-interested- in winning.


Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri  CANTO V Dante ascends with Beatrice to Mercury, the second heaven, where he meets a multitude of spirits. " IF beyond earthly wont, the flame of love Illume me, so that I o’ercome thy power Of vision, marvel not: but learn the cause In that perfection of the sight, which, soon … Continue reading Paradise

Conversation with a child.

(before bedtime) Today I heard some children saying that God doesn’t exist. That it is a lie. Just like Santa, when people are hired to act before children so they can be fooled. What do you think about that? I don’t know. I have never seen God or Santa on Christmas night. None of my … Continue reading Conversation with a child.

La Sainte Courtisane

  Or The Woman Covered With Jewels Oscar Wilde [The scene represents a corner of the valley in the Thebaid. On the right hand of the stage is a cavern. In front of the cavern stands a great crucifix. On the left, sand dunes. The sky is blue like the inside of a cup of … Continue reading La Sainte Courtisane

The best part of me

Rays of light caressing My face Resting on my left arm Eyes closed Listening to this special music Life plays to Awaken these feelings  inside My naïve heart Kissing every flock Of my hair Wildly running over these fields The wind Grabs my hand and takes me back To my thoughts Where I always ask the … Continue reading The best part of me