Within the heart of a child

    Four of my puppets sit on the bed while the Smurfs rest next to it, on the carpet. They sat themselves there so they can have a better view of my representation. I wanted them all to watch me doing this so I have gathered them here. Of course, I have covered baby … Continue reading Within the heart of a child

Conversation with a child.

(before bedtime) Today I heard some children saying that God doesn’t exist. That it is a lie. Just like Santa, when people are hired to act before children so they can be fooled. What do you think about that? I don’t know. I have never seen God or Santa on Christmas night. None of my … Continue reading Conversation with a child.

Stories told by the wind.

...I was just sitting on my green bed...when he   Turned my page with grace Showed me what was hiding. I left the book on the edge  And sipped some of  my coffee. Speak to me, please, your voice I prefer hearing. Where you've been and what you've seen, It's just a delight learning.    … Continue reading Stories told by the wind.

I trust in that love inside of you

I do. And there will be times when you'll doubt it; You will even doubt yourself. There will be plenty of times. You will ask questions and then forget who you are; You will rush and jump to conclusions. You'll be scared and afraid to dare for more. You will cry and you will try … Continue reading I trust in that love inside of you

The secret

  I was sending pictures to Holly and Sienna with the hilarious view of Isabell and Luna when my phone rang, displaying  the name of my boss. - Hello? - Hey, Mia! This is Jonathan, sorry I’m calling so late on a Saturday evening but I have exciting news for you! - Tell me, what … Continue reading The secret