Occidental glow - or better universal tone - filling day-time with metaphysical poetry  dismissing impalpable regrets - meant to drain life out - turning key points  into truthfulness   Artwork Marc Horowitz - “What do you all want from me, may I ask?” More info here.

Perhaps life is creating you.

       Perhaps life isn’t about creating it, perhaps life is actually creating you.     Watching the sun hiding behind the Alps in sunset gives me a peaceful and grateful feeling for being alive and able to see. For me, the twilight atmosphere has its own calming sound and I’ve noticed that even … Continue reading Perhaps life is creating you.

Emotional – Being –

Secured intervals of feeling Come culminating in my human heart Early on I had no such affections Claiming vitality was moderate deficiency In a play of artistic fancy Looking to figure out Meaning between breakfast and dinner-time.     Perhaps I could learn to speak aloud A language that translates what I don't understand Have … Continue reading Emotional – Being –

Sung by a domestic flower

soles lit seriously by lectures of ancient stones blooming breeze carries away depressing thoughts as little as hairs of grass tight feelings poking out in dirt under sunshine exaggerated view condensed with wilderness unconscious of its uneasiness eclipses cradle found its match through reflectiveness political speech to upturn quietly striking opportunity which - looking into … Continue reading Sung by a domestic flower

The best part of me

Rays of light caressing My face Resting on my left arm Eyes closed Listening to this special music Life plays to Awaken these feelings  inside My naïve heart Kissing every flock Of my hair Wildly running over these fields The wind Grabs my hand and takes me back To my thoughts Where I always ask the … Continue reading The best part of me

Are we living in the same world?

    Some mornings or late nights (when my sleeping routine is derailed for some odd reason – don’t suspect I have a million thoughts running crazily through my mind) I find myself in consistent absorption with the news feed on my phone, surf the internet for scientific reports or read relevant articles on general … Continue reading Are we living in the same world?

A few thoughts on a Sunday.

  One of my favorite actors undoubtedly is Tom Hanks. I can’t say I have watched all the movies he had played in but the ones I have made me think and question things either in general or specific matters. His representation added on the list of my favorite movies Bridge of Spies that I … Continue reading A few thoughts on a Sunday.